The burton cup is also the MS cup!


Welcome to the Ms cup race!

Details, details:

  1. Race day

  2. Corn roast

  3. MS auction

  4. Awards

  1. The race is on Saturday, August 27th, 2016. Minnetonka Yacht Club fleets start first at 10:00am. Wayzata Yacht Club fleets start at 10:30am. Shorewood Yacht Club boats will start 3 minutes after the final WYC fleet start.

  1. The course goes all the way around the main lower lake, with a start and finish line in front of the Minnetonka Yacht Club on Lighthouse Island. Three buoys need to be rounded. They are located in Wayzata Bay, Lafayette Bay and Excelsior Bay. Each of the 19 fleets does a single lap of the race, except for the very fast A and E scows which do two laps.

  1. The famous Burton Cup Corn Roast follows the race, starting at 6pm on Lighthouse Island. This is a big party, and reservations are required. Please email MYC Manager Carol McGoldrick at or call the club at 952-474-4457.

  1. We will have a small auction of a few very special items, with all proceeds going to the National MS Society.

  1. Nineteen new perpetual trophies were donated in 2009 for the MS Cup; one for each MYC & WYC racing fleet.

  1. Directions to the MYC Carson’s Bay Facility (where a pontoon shuttle to the clubhouse on Lighthouse Island is available) can be found via Google Maps at this address:

19800 Minnetonka Blvd

Deephaven, MN. 55331


Since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in December of 2003, many friends have suggested that I start a sailing race or regatta to support the National MS Society. (Something to do with the fact that I've spent the last three decades as a professional sailing coach and race manager, I guess? ;)

Efforts to start an entirely new event are beset by many significant obstacles, including openings in the schedule and race and event management, not to mention the volunteer time and effort required by many individuals to even make it happen.

Rather than create something brand new, we’re adding to something special that already exists! For 2015, I'm again partnering with the Minnetonka Yacht Club to run the ninth annual MS Cup on Saturday, August 27th on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. The MS Cup will be held in conjunction with a long standing and very special and unique sailing race called the Burton Cup which was first raced for in 1907! This amazing race involves all fleets from both the Minnetonka and Wayzata Yacht Clubs. The Burton Cup race has an incredible tradition, and if you have sailed in it, or even just heard about it, you will be pleased to learn that the race itself is completely unchanged. All we are doing is adding the MS Cup on top of the existing event!

If you are interested in opportunities to sail in the race (even if you have very limited or *no* previous sailing experience), please contact me directly at and I *will* find you a spot on a boat! If you would like to help volunteer with the event, likewise please let me know directly.

The goal of the MS Cup (other than participating in this awesome sailing race) is to help raise funds to support research and programs for the estimated 9000 individuals with Multiple Sclerosis in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The MS Cup fundraising currently stands at over $135,000 of contributions to date since the event began in 2008. My goal is to raise another $15,000 in 2016. A contribution of *any* amount would be greatly appreciated.  You can donate online by clicking on the "Donate to MS Cup" button on the Home page, or via this hyperlink:

National MS Society << Join or donate at this link for the MS Cup!

You will find a link there to a new MS Cup team page specifically set up by the National MS Society for the MS Cup race as a “Do it yourself fundraiser” where you can make a secure online donation. You can donate directly to my personal page, or better yet (hint, hint) sign up as an  MS Cup participant on your own, or donate to an existing individual. This will work just like Bike MS or Walk MS teams! You don’t even have to be in Minnesota, or be at the race to participate!

If you prefer to use the "old fashioned" method, checks (made payable to the National MS Society) can be forwarded directly to me at this address:

Blake Middleton
P.O. Box 82
Wayzata, MN. 55391

All photos, web site design (and any related goofs and mistakes) by Blake Middleton Additional photos from 2012 by JH Peterson.

Podcast link:

Blake and Elizabeth were interviewed about the 2014 MS Cup, broadcast on six Clear Channel radio stations in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area last year on Sunday, August 17th, 2014:

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